Check out the town of Baden where I passed my childhood.


AFS was a unique experience in my life. I spent a beautiful time in Stillwater Minnesota serving in the Matterhorn Room of the Lowell Inn.

My Family

I was born on March 20th, 1957 in Baden Switzerland. As the oldest son of 4 children - 2 sisters and a brother followed me - I grew up in the centre of this town. My parents operated a health-food-store in the same building and not seldom we had to help out.

The house originally built in 1613 was a 5 story building, with real thick walls and noise did not matter.

After 18 years I enjoyed an AFS Stage in Stillwater Minnesota for an entire year and so I joined as host brother && son an american family with whom I'm still in touch today.

Not long after that, I married my wife Maria in 1980 and in October 1989 our son Mattia joined our family bringing lots of joy into our daily life.

My farther died on March 6th, 2007, but for the rest of the family everyone is still in good health and well up.

Today we all live in Genova, Italy in a large apartment-building with our own fresh garden, olive trees and BBQ's. Nothing fancy, but very pleasant..