Iscotrans SpA is the Italian partner of Tandem Global Logistics, which was established in 2007.

Tandem Global Logistics

TGL Tandem Global Logistics is a new network of old, established companies who are well acquainted amongst with each other, since they have been working together for many years as partners in the Damco Network.


Hints on how to manage can be found on this site, but the personal touch, the passion will lead to success more than any theory.

Working Experience today

In 2007 I joined ISCOTRANS SpA in Genova as Network Coordinator. ISCOTRANS was among the first partners to participate in Tandem Global Logistics.

ISCOTRANS SpA is ISO 9002 certified. ISCOTRANS operates since 1976 in the fields of transport by sea, land and air, and of logistics with the headquarters in Genova (Italy) and sales offices in Milano, Palermo and Rome.

ISCOTRANS is a very dynamic company with a vast range of experience in such areas as Project Transportation, Chemicals, Tank-Containers and Special Equipment. They have a very motivated, skilled and sensitive staff with a passion for their work, a good understanding of customer's requirements, and excellent contacts to all major carriers.

Tandem Global Logistics consists of many former Damco employees from around the world and of almost all of Damco's former agents (with a very few exceptions), who needed to find new partners.   The Network was founded by three leaders: CH Powell USA, Azuma in Japan, and Marmeda in Spain.  Today it is able to offer a global coverage with well selected and reliable partners, who act according to the standards of the network.

It is an exciting and challenging new beginning. Before migrating to Italy, I saw Massimo Troisi's movie, "Ricomincio da tre" Start Over Again from Three. I find the title appropriate here: I shall begin again from where I left off. Once again I shall work to make values rise.