This text editor from Switzerland is probably one of the best tools currently available for whomever likes to create webpages working directly on the code like me

Pegasus Mail

Nothing is better then e-mail and nothing is better then Pegasus Mail when it come down to handle e-mail efficiently.


Being curious is what makes me interested in projects like the Great Internet Mersenne Prime Search

The Internet Tools

In the course of the years many tools have assisted me to create WEB Pages and to make better use of the Internet. Here I just want to mention a few.

For my e-mail there is nothing better then Pegasus Mail. Hotdog has been my first editor and today I use Super NoteTab to create my pages

Of course I use PSP. In the network I installed a Proxy which is likely one of the best programs available. As Newsgroups reader there in nothing better then Agent

Years ago, on my holidays I purchased a Palm III and today I'm a proud owner of a Tungston T|X and enjoy now the benefits of a handy tool for all my immediate needs.

I'm interested in projects like Linux and the new Firefox being produced by Mozilla and participate in the GIMPS project Great Internet Mersenne Prime Search

By using Miro I can subscribe to any RSS Feed and automatically download video content, podcasts, of my choice from over 1500 Channels today and many more to follow.

Watch how the future of e-mail, blogs and much more will look like, by enjoying Google wave

If however you like to experience new search engines, have a look at Wolfram Alpha a search engine which will do unbelievable things for you.