I'm particularly pleased if you use Pegasus Mail to write me any e-mail


you can use Skype to call me. It's the best and cheapest way to talk, making use of your Internet connection. If I'm not available just leave a message at the voicebox.


discover why my nickname is Pingu and enjoy it!

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Where to reach me

You can generally find me somewhere on the Internet, but if I should not be on-line, you will find me on my cellular phone

phone +39-348-3864636 (GSM) (for urgent matters you can call me 24 hours a day)

send me an SMS via the Internet (free of charge) at any time.. or call me in the office at:

+39 010 57299.31 (voice)
+39 010 541453 (fax)

Skype - username: pingumarkus

my e-mail address currently is:
at home:
pingu (at)

in the office:
m.wiedemeier (at)

my PGP-Public-Key - ID 0x7BAC0863