My friend Walter travelled to Tonga - read about his experience


I will be spending my holidays in Udaipur at My Villa India of Waswo X. Waswo a photographer and friend. I'm hoping to make great use of my new Nikon D300 and to tour the photographers paradise of this world.


Federico Prestileo, a former colleague, has built up his own company, after his activities where sold out by the group. Effepierre is today a major player in International Road Haulage.


As a friend and "headhunter", Sergio Davanzo has selected with his successful company Selework a great number of reliable staff also for Damco.


Throughout the years I have met many friends and I'm almost afraid to mention anyone of them on these pages, since I fear, I would forget the one or the other.

All of these people have influenced my life in one or the other way and there is hardly anybody, who did not play an important role.

Be it people from school or earlier, be it people with whom I grew up or joined into friendship at a later stage of my life, all of them have played an important role and are in my memories

I have not asked anyone to mention their names on these pages, wherefore I will not make any specific name, except one: Walter Mascarin.

Walter has decided to make an important decision in his life and moved to Tonga, where he plans to spend the rest of his his story