My wife's shop

If you are interested in textiles, then the work of my wife will fascinate you.


Geweb eventually has grown into a new activity with highly professional staff and today e-lane is an activity on it's own.

Pegasus Mail

David Harris has created Pegasus Mail and Mercury and has put it at disposal free of charge to the world. I'm proud of being beta-tester and to work together with David on it's success.


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The Internet

Fascinated by the modem and Fidonet at first, my great passion today is the Internet- 'Connected' right from the beginning in 1994, I realized, that it would bring great changes to this world.

I initiated a Web content-provider GEWEB, in order to create job opportunities for a group of students, who eventually all found a way to earn some money.

Immediately I became a fan of Pegasus Mail, started the Italian Mailing list, and recently the newsgroup - I act as beta tester, as co-ordinator in the translation team and manage the Italian Language site of Pegasus Mail and Mercury.

Managing CARGO-L a mailing list "about transportation" has also been a great achievement. Traces of this activity go back to 1995.

I have created the first WEB pages for Damco and for my wife's shop, our apartment for rent, Pegasus Mail and 'infected' other with the Internet fever.

Up and on I'm dedicating my time to edit some Wikipedia pages, generally not on my own, but with the help and suggestion of friends.