a fascinating collection of the best weekly news is published by Internazionale. My preferred weekly reading.


reading Wired is an other of my passions.

On-Line reading

These are some of my favorite Online Readings:

  • Democracy Now!

  • Other interesting sites:

    World Economic Forum
    Open Source Ecology

    What I read

    I'm changing my taste of books very quickly, but I have been very fascinated by writers like Patrick Süskind (The Perfume), which I enjoyed reading in Italian, nevertheless German is my mother tongue.

    John Kenneth Galbraith, Francis Fukuyama (Trust) and lot's of books about other angles of viewing the economy fill my library.

    Limits to Competition (The Group of Lisbon) or New Rules for the New Economy (Kevin Kelly) are fascinating and stimulating me.

    Yes, much of what I read comes from the Internet, but I would never miss the weekly edition of the Internazionale, which gives me a broader view of what is happening in the world, nor would I miss an edition of Wired.

    Of course 'being digital' from Nicolas Negroponte is also on my bookshelves :-)

    It's hard to keep up the list, but here are some interesting links of things to follow: