Your time

Remember, when advertising is involved you the user are the product.

A world of filter bubbles

TED Eli Pariser talking about the search results and the danger. The answer maybe DuckDuckGo but it does not avoid the isolation Facebook is creating.

Schedule start and shutdown of the PC

Time Researcher Marc Wittman
has of course a far wider horizon on time and all related aspects.

A typical day

After having used My Zeo for several years to monitor my sleep patternAlarm clockgetting to monitor the depth of my sleep and the sleep deficits over the week and therefore my awareness.

I recently switched to Sleep as an Android installed it on my smartphone and it does a wonderful job, since it includes a large number of features alarming me on when to go to bed (I generally don't obey though) and allowing a pleasant wake up and a great start of the day. The data, the graphs is automatically backup to the cloud.Sleep as an Android

After checking my email, having some Espresso. I will weigh myself on mywifi-electronic weight scale which not only measures my weight, but defines the BMI and body far and shares the data with my Nexus smartphone.

Waze informs me about the time I will need to reach the office - generally about 15 minutes, while I check the weather forecast.

My drive to the office is measured by

Google Locate will trace my movements of the day and they generally look like this  on a typical workday.                            

Map of Genoa

While tracing my movements like this may appear strange, the fact is that any mobile phone will do the same, it's just that the information is only known to the government and not yourself. It helps me to remember where I was on a specific date. Just an other example of a different day.

In my 90 minutes lunch break I will generally follow the news on Podcast and I love especially to listen to,, Sternstunde Philosophie, Bill Moyers, Radio24

Rapid changing requests from all over the world for assistance on shipments and logistic services keep my whole day busy and engaged. The taks manager Remember the milk allows me to keep easy track of my to-do list, both on the PC as well on the smartphone for personal and business taks it allows me to schedule my days in a very easy manner and schedule my appointments with Google calendar.

After returning home I will usually record my expenses with GnuCash, a complete accounting system for personal and small-business financial-accounting software, freely licensed under the GNU GPL.

I dedicate the evenings to research the WWW, answer emails and create updates to my websites, create websites for friends or spend time on Pegasus Mail and Mercury/32, LinkedIn and Facebook. When I'm not home, I'm usually at the theatre, the cinema or in some great place for a delicious dinner.

crashplanExternal Seagate USB HDD will backup my data locally, but just to make sure that everything is safe, I'm constantly backing up onto  Crashplan.

I will make research to find time savers, like sockstar a clip to keep a pair of socks together while washing, avoiding the boring tasks of pairing the socks after washing.
    • keeps socks in pairs - in the laundry pile, in the washing machine, on the clothes line and in the drawers
    • is suitable for socks of all sizes
    • is available in 4 cool colours - each family member can have his/her favourite colour
Similar to this would certainly also help CordCtrl a tool  for managing the constant mess of the earphones..from the same producer.

Naturally there is hardly anything like a typical day. I attempt to have always time for more, space for meeting people, space for unexpected surprises, even if this means sleeping a little less and then time after time I stumble over extraordinary things that keep me dreaming before I go to sleep.