The apartment

The cozy apartment

6 degrees of separation

I have learned that 6 degrees of separation is not only a theory, but reality. In one particular instance a student of the same faculty in a scottish University booked the apartment for 3 months, without knowing that her nextdoor colleague had just spent 2 weeks in this same apartment in Vico della Rosa.

The apartment

In 2003 i had the chance to buy an apartment in the middle of downtown of Genoa. We initially scheduled to use the apartment for ourselves and to host occasionally some friends.

Since then we have had many guests with many of whom I have started a beautiful and lasting friendship.

Being able to transfer my enthusiasm about the rebirth of the town of Genoa has generated much interest of a rediscovery of what was almost lost.

The apartment has hosted many opera singers and directors, business men, writers, historians, scientists, librarians, artists, directors, IT-professionals, students, researchers, tourists, families and friends.

The possibility to meet and to join up for a drink or a dinner and to expand our reciprocal desire for more knowledge and experience has made this little venture a unique occasion to learn more about the vast world and the society in general.

My experience with apartment has shown how passion is contagious. The passion for the city, the passion for knowing each other, the passion to experience a world of a new dimension.

The new apartment in Santa Maria di Castello has seen a new guest Franz Tscherne who as an actor is performing in the Carlo Felice and whom I have met as a guest and friend.

The apartments have now also a Webpage on Facebook for you to enjoy many links and events around the city