Today Brown Boveri has merged with Asea and is called ABB Asea Brown Boveri

Palazzo della nuova Brosa

Hardly any other building is so prestigious in the center of the town of Genova as the Palazzo della Nuova Borsa, which hosted the HQ of Damco Italy before the company was merged with Maersk Logistics to change also its nature of business.

Work Experience

Since I started my apprenticeship in 1973 with BBC Brown Boveri in their HQ in Baden, I have always worked with and been fascinated by international commerce.

1977 I had the extraordinary opportunity to accompany a trainload of merchandise from Meshed, Iran back to Switzerland.

In 1979 I spent a full year as trainee in the Port of Genova, sponsored by BBC

Upon my return I was promoted to a position as one of the youngest managers of the company, leading a team responsible for the exports in west- & south Europe, I undertook such projects as the Karakaya Power Plants as part of my daily job.

In 1983 I decided to move to Italy to rejoin my wife's family and enter into a new venture

Recent past

In 1983 I joined Damco in Genova as their first Italian employee.

Slowly, slowly over the years, with the help of the staff and support of the management, I was able to build up the company so that it became one of the leading Italian forwarders in the Italian maritime business of today.

Damco (Italy) Srl occupied offices in two of the most strategic places in Italy. Its 20 employees guaranteed a high level of service

The head office in Genova was ISO 9002-certified and located in the centre of the Italian maritime trade.

A commercial & operational office in Milan ensured a close contact to our customers.

In 2007, two years after the merger of the parent company P&O Nedlloyd with Maersk Line, the company I built successfully over nearly 24 years was subject to a takeover by Maersk Logistics. It is expected to be renamed APM Global Logistics.

Due to the nature of the new business model and my personal convictions, I was compelled to choose a different future. I do not regret my choice.