Matt Blair

The professional football player of the Minnesota Vikings was one of my friends in Minnesota and is today a professional photographer, have a look at his celebrity pages


If you are a member of Photosig and Panoramio you can check out some of my recent pictures. With my new Nikon D300 I made some shots during my holidays. Look at the Pictures of Rajasthan and feel free to let me have your feedback and on Flickr the current pictures of Venice, Genova and those of Rajasthan 2008/2009 and see on my Youtube channel how these pictures where created. The newest additions to Flickr are the pictures from Venice and Cuba.


Meeting Waswo X. Waswo is an interesting experience. Enjoy !

My Hobbies

Dreaming is just an other way to experience life. I love photography and to think how we could improve, what we could change to make life better. How it could all be different, if we just wanted it.

I like to believe, that the world can improve, change and become a better place for all of us. I like to think, that there are better ways, to distribute wealth on earth, then just pure capitalism and free enterprise.

We are temporary beings and still live every day as if life would be eternal. We wipe away death, hunger & reality, and let our mind surf through the hyper links of our brain. Away into a better world.

We believe to be wise and jet do barely know, that we know nothing of what is really important. Do we all dream?

While staying in Udaipur at the Chinar Villa of Richard Waswo and Thomas Livieri in August and September 2008 I made some pictures of Rajasthan 2008 and those of Rajasthan 2009

Some more pictures I made during a recent photoshooting of Franz Tscherne can be found here and here. Franz Tscherne stayed in Santa Maria di Castello.

Enjoy the pictures of a visit to Venice, a trip to Cuba or a weekend in Paris as some of my most recent ventures or simply enjoy a glance at my favorite work on portraits.