I'm very dedicated to my work at ISCOTRANS SpA an International forwarder belonging to the TANDEM Global Logistics Network

My spare time

As beta tester of Pegasus Mail I'm always available for advice and run the Italian Webpages for Pegasus Mail and Mercury/32

Web Design

Since web-design is also one my hobbies, all these pages are tested and approved by W3C:

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Picture of Markus Wiedemeier
These pages have the sole purpose to let you know more about me. While I would love to write a long story and tell you a lot more, I'm eager to get these pages ready, so at least you get a little insight into my background.

I wish to tell you more about my past life, my idea's, the world around me and I guess these pages will grow over the coming months and years, since I have a lot more to add to the site, then what you can read at present in this small presentation.

I wish you lot's of pleasure in reading through the pages, but I also always like to exchange e-mail with friends from around the world, so do not hesitate to send me some mail